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Our firm provides the solid legal advice and representation you deserve.
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Los Angeles Workers Compensation Lawyers

The Workers' Compensation system in California was created to provide benefits to those who are injured while working. These benefits should pay for your medical care while also providing you income while you are unable to work.

Many employers don’t tell you what you need to do after you get hurt. They don’t give you the proper paperwork and they don’t send you to a doctor, even though they should.

Many employers tell you to “work through it,” or “wait it out.” That is wrong.

There are many different ways that you can be injured while working. Many injuries are the result of specific accidents and others develop over the course of time.

No matter what caused your work injury, your employer is required to provide benefits when you are hurt at work.

In order to obtain all the benefits you are entitled to, you should consult an experienced workers’ compensation attorney today. You shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with insurance carriers and paperwork while recovering, let our firm handle that for you.

You should have a lawyer involved immediately to avoid any delays that will hurt your case.


Our office will:

  • File your claim and complete your Application on your behalf.
  • Find you an experienced doctor in your area.
  • Follow up with the insurance company and employer to make sure you are paid for the time you have to take off work.
  • If the insurance and employer refuse to cooperate, we will immediately request a hearing before a Judge and fight for your benefits.


Abogados de Compensacion del Trabajador de Los Angeles

Se lastimo en su trabajo? No esta recibiendo los beneficios que merece? No recibe tratamiento medico efectivo?

El sistema de compenzacion al trabajador de California, fue creado para proveer beneficios a ellos que se lastiman mientras estan trabajando.

Para poder recibir los beneficios, a los que usted tiene derechos, debe consultar a un abogado con experiencia de compenzacion del trabajador hoy mismo!

No debe preocuparse de tratar con las companias de aseguranzas y otros obstaculos mientras se recupera de su lecion. Deje que nuestra firma de abogados maneje estos asuntos por usted.