More Than 30 Years Of Experience In Workers’ Compensation Law

The friendly yet assertive lawyers at Dini & Paoletti have more than three decades of combined legal experience fighting for the rights of injured workers.

Helping Injured Employees Across Southern California With Workers’ Compensation Issues

Seek The Benefits You Deserve After A Workplace Injury

If you suffered an injury at work, work with Dini & Paoletti to protect your rights, file your claim and seek the maximum compensation available to you. With more than 30 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys understand the workers’ compensation process in California. We will work with you every step of the way until we feel satisfied that we have reached the best outcome available to you.

We Protect Your Rights Against Insurance Companies And Employers

Many workers believe that their employer has their best interests at heart, but this is not always true. Many employers don’t tell you what you need to do after you get hurt. They don’t give you the proper paperwork, and they don’t send you to a doctor, even though they should.

Insurance companies often do not pay the full amount that you deserve. They want to prioritize their own bottom line. Dini & Paoletti will uphold your rights when working with employers and insurers, helping you recover the maximum amount available.

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How Can Dini & Paoletti Help You?

Our team can:

  • Complete your application on your behalf
  • File your claim
  • Find an experienced doctor in your area
  • Follow up with the insurance company and your employer to make sure you receive pay for the time you have to take off work
  • Request a hearing before a judge if the employer or insurance company refuses to cooperate

You shouldn’t have to worry about insurance providers and paperwork while recovering. Let us do that.

Consult the experienced workers’ compensation law firm of Dini & Paoletti today to get help obtaining the benefits you deserve.